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Blinking worm image My name is Brian Paavo.  I'm a worm guy!  But there's not just one, there are a couple of hundred other wormguys and wormladies out there.  I'm a marine scientist who specialises in polychaetes, the most diverse class of annelid worms, but really I love almost everything to do with the largest habitat on Earth, the seafloor!  I especially enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for this magnificent place with students and professionals interested in using the scientific process for their own discoveries.  On this website you can learn a bit more about some seafloor animals and how we learn about marine environments by observing them.  Half the fun of any adventure is gettting there, so you'll also see some of the technologies we use in the lab and under the water.  You will also find, of course, pictures, resources, and fun facts about some of my favourite seafloor critters! 

Gritty Truth Blog

biogenic sand grains through miscroscope Let's get down and dirty!  Benthic ecology thoughts from a (sub)littoral muckraker intent on reforming, revolutionising, and popularising how we see the world of mud!

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Curious About Critters?

blinking worm image If you are a student, teacher, or new to polychaetes and benthic science, visit the Curious About Critters section!

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