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Getting in touch with a worm guy

Brian Paavo Whenever possible I try to get back to folks within a day or two, but sometimes I'm out to sea or travelling so please be patient.  If you need to get in touch with me urgently, do something me!


Office Telephone : Country Code +64 (New Zealand)   3-481-7899

Mobile : +64-21-189-3459


If you do call me PLEASE remember that I live in New Zealand (UTC+12 hr). You can find figure out a time to schedule a call or webchat in the future here.


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Professional Contact

Benthic Science Limited Logo Informally, I'm just your average guy who likes looking at cool things under water.  Professionally, I'm an above-average marine consultant!  Through my company, Benthic Science Limited (est. 2004), I help government, iwi, research groups, community groups, and even private individuals answer their marine questions.  My group provides technical services in the field and laboratory, we analyse data and write reports such as environmental impact assessments, and we provide professional advice and testimonies for coastal management, development, and pure and applied research projects.  We also design and engineer custom science equipment.  If your organisation needs to know something about the seafloor or seafloor processes, worldwide, we can probably offer helpful advice or services.  Click here for  more info.